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Ooooh! Who goes there? I... I feel that you're one of great courage! An adventurer no doubt? Yes-yes, it is all so clear to me now... You're the one we've been expecting; the one here to:

  • Explore the many realms of the world Euthoria! Be the one to travel across the lands and discover its many wonders.
  • Battle the beasts and monsters that plague the local folk! Oh yes, they'll likely be praising you in no time...
  • Craft wonderous items! I see your quite the handy one, eh? 
  • Romance them all as if I even had to mention it. We've got something for everyone here; men, woman... even monsters if one should 'convince' them properly, gwar-ha-ha!
  • And more to come... 

I see it all so very clearly now...

The game takes place in the world of Euthoria, a place ruled by counts that keep their subjects 'safe' from the creatures of the land. Being raised by nuns, trained by a pitiful master and blamed for a crime that you didn't commit, you now find yourself with nothing to your name. With no other way, you must steel yourself for the world around you, or submit to its way of living.

What shape will the hero who stands before me take, I wonder? Will you be one of the proud ursine people, or perhaps of one the secluded shore dwellers, or maybe you're a human just trying to make your way through the world? The choice is yours...

You'll be challenged by plenty of monsters and miscreants, and it's up to you to fight your way through it all. Go adventuring, level up, customize and get your heroes the gear that'll help them take down dragons!

Any adventurer will need friends and followers, yes... Seek out those willing to assist you, and you'll become even stronger through the assistance of others!

Firstly, you'll get my thanks for helping me with continuing something I love. The individual rewards for each tier are:

  • Citizens have instant access to the latest version of Valor and glory.
  • Squires have voting rights on new additions to the game + everything above.
  • Knights have access unique features like special races and special customization + everything above.

           Please know that the milestones aren't in any particular order.

What types of fetishes are in the game?
Currently you can find M/F, F/F, M/M, futa, furry, monstergirls and lactation.

Fetishes that won't be included in the game
Underage, vore, extreme hyper, inflation, diapers, watersports, scat, vomit, gore and necrophilia. 

The future

Big things I've got planned involves housing and more to come.


Due to the game still being in alpha and therefore often corrupting saves, I've added some cheats to make it easier to retrieve lost progress. The codes are as following:

beefmedaddy - gives +10 to all main stats
goldenshower - gives +1000 gold
perverseknowledge - gives +1000xp
threesometime - gives companions +1000xp


  • The game only works on PC
  • Future changes might break old saves
  • You're advised to be above the age of 18
StatusIn development
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(178 total ratings)
AuthorLeopold Visette
GenreAdventure, Fighting, Puzzle, Role Playing
Tags2D, Adult, Fantasy, Furry, Singleplayer, Unity


ValorAndGlory_0.3.1_citizen.zip 122 MB
ValorAndGlory_0.3.4_citizen.zip 138 MB
ValorAndGlory_0.4.1_citizen.zip 157 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip

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